We Encourage Black People To Pool Together Our Tangible and Intangible Resources.

A fist has a greater impact than five individual fingers.

Who We Are

We promote the Powernomics principles by Dr. Claud Anderson, which perfected the self-reliance economic plan of Minister Malcolm X.  An aggregated group has a competitive advantage over one individual with scattered resources. We encourage Black people to pool together our tangible and intangible resources. A fist has a greater impact than five individual fingers.

Team Black Empowerment, Inc is an advocacy group that assists in encouraging Black people domestically & abroad to incorporate a code of conduct that aggregates our pool of resources, empowers our people to create constructive initiatives for ourselves as a group, and improve our socioeconomic place in this world to be more competitive as a group. 

We advocate self-interest first for Black people before all other groups.  The more concentrated our resources toward self-interest,...the higher the probability of creating constructive results, the greater the impact for our group as a whole, and the more competitive our people will be as a group on the world stage.

Our Mission

- Cultivate human rights for Black People worldwide to counter Anti-Black Racism

- Create socioeconomic power base for Black people in areas where black people need help the most

-Create community development projects in Black communities stripped of economic competitiveness 

- Aggregate tools, monetary resources, & human capital to reverse the negative effects of failed social integration

Stay In The Know With Our Upcoming Campaigns

TBE Foundation

Team Black Empowerment Foundation is here to help in providing some supplement to ease the burden in higher education, with the Team Black Empowerment Scholarships for Black Men & Black Women.

According to financial aid data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Black students require financial aid at higher rates than any other race, with over 95% of Black students receiving some form of support in 2016. This disparity points to a lack of resources and available financial support within Black communities.

Students can apply on the Team Black Empowerment Scholarship site by clicking the "Get Involved" button. Awards are granted February 21st. Financial contributions to increase the scholarship funding pool can be made by clicking the "Get Involved" button below or clicking the "Donate" button.